Catching lizards and catching up

What a whirlwind the last month has been! As I alluded to earlier, my mom has the stamina of a marathoner when it comes to sightseeing, so we crammed about four weeks’ worth of touring into two, and with all the back-and-forth to Greece, I’ve now been to the airport five times in the last three weeks. (Soon to be seven: Colin has a lizard conference in Tel Aviv this week, and I decided – weeks ago, before all this running around – that I would accompany him.) I dropped my mom off at the airport yesterday morning around 10:00, took the train home, flopped onto the couch/bed (they’re one and the same in our tiny apartment), and didn’t move for the rest of the day. Literally. Colin made lunch, did laundry, and went out to buy bread and cheese for dinner, all while I lay around napping and staring mindlessly out the window. What can I say—he’s the best. And also: Mom, I cannot physically keep up with you.

So anyway, I have a million photos and stories to share, and I will be slowly working my way through them over the next couple weeks, once Colin is back to his normal desk job. But! In the meantime! Colin put together a series of video introductions to the five tiny islands we were working on in Greece, and they’re a fun way to get a sense of where we were and what we were doing. You can find them all here.

And you’d better believe we took my mom lizard-catching while we were in Greece. Here’s one little guy that I caught (via the fishing pole method) for her to hold. Unfortunately he wriggled a little too enthusiastically and escaped from her hands before I could get a picture of her with him, but just trust me that she was there.


But for now, I’m going to say à bientôt and get back to Netflix-binging and packing for my thankfully-last-for-a-while trip to the airport tomorrow. This world traveler business is hard work. I mean, I’m happy to do it, but whew! I cannot wait to be home next week and settle back into our routine of baguettes and cheese and picnicking along the Seine until the sun finally sets at 10:00 pm. Paris is lovely. I miss it.


One thought on “Catching lizards and catching up

  1. Oh, no! Claire, I would have spent more time just sitting around in little cafes and boulangeries with you, gladly. But, we didn’t do anything that I would have wanted to miss. Thanks for traveling around with me; you more than kept up!


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