La Liste

I've alluded to my ever-growing To Do for Fun list in previous posts, but I never actually talked about what was on it. The list currently stands at 61 items, although a couple have been removed after further research (for example, tickets to the Moulin Rouge are outrageously expensive, so we decided we weren't interested) … Continue reading La Liste


Last Friday was the first day it was truly warm in Paris, so I set out on one of my longer walks—north from our apartment in the 4th arrondissement, into the 11th, and straight through to the 19th. My destination was the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, an oasis with winding trails, a manmade lake, and grass … Continue reading Pique-nique


After finishing dinner on Saturday night but before the great toilet debacle, Colin and Anthony were enjoying a digestif of rum. Anthony, as one would expect for someone who's lived in France for years, knows alcohol well and, after offering his quick assessment, asked Colin what he thought. "It tastes like sunshine!" Colin joked, not … Continue reading Raisins

Le printemps

Spring has definitely sprung in Paris, although lately it's been more of the April showers than flowers variety. Still, I've taken advantage of breaks in the rain to seek out spring colors wherever I can find them, which is a little like an Easter egg hunt in this city of très chic black and gray. … Continue reading Le printemps