fullsizeoutput_3689Bonjour! I’m Claire, and together with my husband Colin, I’ve just moved 3,436 miles from our home in Cambridge, MA, to Paris, France. Before you ask: yes, I speak a little French, but no, it isn’t enough.

In addition to the language change, we’re also adjusting to our new apartment, which is a cozy 200-square foot, fifth-floor walk-up.

Colin and I have been lucky enough to travel internationally quite a bit for school and our careers, so we headed into this latest adventure knowing that it won’t always be pretty. Since my own career is on hold while we’re in France (but you can learn more about Colin’s research, and the reason for our move, here), this blog is my new project. I have no idea what our year abroad has in store, but I promise to share with you the good, the bad, and the horribly awkward. It should be fun.