Re-entry seems like an appropriate term to describe the process of re-adjusting to life in the US. Most days, I feel like an astronaut plummeting to the ocean with only a tiny parachute to slow the impact: Everything looks familiar, but the perspective is all wrong. Everyone speaks my language, but bars and restaurants are … Continue reading Re-entry

Begin again

We've landed! We've now been back in the US for ten days, but those ten days have been chock-full with visiting family and driving all our earthly possessions from Maine to Missouri. Most of our things have been boxed up in a storage unit for the past year, and it was overwhelming to see it—I … Continue reading Begin again

Le Debut

Well, here we are, friends. After months of anticipation, our duffle bags are packed, our visas are stamped, and our French language podcasts are piling up like tourists waiting to see the Eiffel Tower. All that is to say, ready or not, we're going to Paris! Allons y, I believe they say. It's a terrifying, … Continue reading Le Debut