Reptilian Invasion

After three weeks of full-time lizard catching, I'm now seeing little lizards everywhere... including at the Louvre. I was extra pleased to see that this young herpetologist-in-training is female. 1822 must have been a good year for gender equality. Unfortunately the lizard she's holding is dead, but I like to think she's gazing at it … Continue reading Reptilian Invasion


On Friday afternoon, I dropped Colin and his two fellow researchers at the helipad for their weeklong trip to Redonda. They had crammed the rental car full of supplies, including a week's worth of food and water, tents, sleeping pads, a giant golf cart battery to power various pieces of science equipment, fishing lizard-catching poles, and … Continue reading Flying!


All the traveling I've been doing lately - most recently to Antigua - plus the three trips I made to the airport in the last two days to pick up Colin's research crew got me thinking. The ultimate indignity of international travel is this: after a day or more of travel, you finally walk out of … Continue reading Airports