Time to register to vote!

Hey fellow Americans, I’m dropping in today with a quick reminder to vote!

First, register. If you’re an American abroad, you can do so by filling out a short form available here: https://www.fvap.gov/citizen-voter. (Fun fact: as a citizen abroad, you generally vote in the state where you lived last, so Colin and I are still Massachusetts voters.) The form took us all of five minutes to complete, and because Massachusetts lets citizens abroad do everything by email, we didn’t even have to wander down to la poste. The registration deadline for the November general election is TODAY in many states; many others have deadlines coming up in mid-October. You can find yours in this handy reference from the New York Times.

Then, the truly important part: get yourself to the polls (or to your absentee ballot) and make your opinions known! Are you turned off by the current state of politics? Now is your chance to say so, by voting true public servants into office.

So in the name of liberty, fraternity, and equality – wait, that’s France’s motto – I mean, in the name of liberty and justice for all, go forth and vote!


This replica of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the American expat community to the city of Paris, overlooks the Seine from the Île aux Cygnes.

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