Although I've only written about Paris so far, this yearlong adventure really began in mid-January with a trip to London. Yes, we flew from Boston to London, back to Boston, and then to Paris, all in the span of three weeks. The trip totally messed with our circadian rhythms. As crazy as it sounds, the … Continue reading London


Before we moved here, everyone told us how mild Paris winters would be. “It almost never snows,” said a friend who lived here five years ago. “It snowed about an inch one winter when we were there, and everyone went crazy!” Imagine the Parisians’ delight, then, when it snowed all day Tuesday into Wednesday morning … Continue reading Snow

Le Debut

Well, here we are, friends. After months of anticipation, our duffle bags are packed, our visas are stamped, and our French language podcasts are piling up like tourists waiting to see the Eiffel Tower. All that is to say, ready or not, we're going to Paris! Allons y, I believe they say. It's a terrifying, … Continue reading Le Debut