A milestone

Over the weekend, Colin and I hit an important milestone in social-distancing: we rearranged our living room in a way that *only* makes sense for video chatting.

The problem, you see, is that the only light in our living room comes from two sconces on the back wall, which makes it impossible to take video calls from the couch without being hopelessly silhouetted. After a couple weeks alternating between the shadowy couch and wooden chairs in a well-lit office, we finally accepted reality. The couch had to move.

It now lives perpendicular to the dreaded sconces and the windows, which means our friends and family can finally see us on video calls. This is good!

What’s not good:

  • It blocks (what used to be) the most accessible outlet in the room.
  • The view from the couch is now a head-on view of our front door and a closet, not trees.
  • Our living room chair no longer fits, so it alternates between partially blocking Colin’s piano or the front door (who needs a door anymore anyway?).

The BIGGEST problem, though, is that now that we’re so well-lit, I feel like I can’t show up for video calls with unwashed hair and in my pajamas. Kind of tempted to move the couch back, actually…

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