Hey there. Life is chaotic and stressful right now, non? It’s been ages since I’ve had time to write, but I wanted to reach out now because, well, here we are. Colin and I are currently safe and healthy, albeit terrified… for ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors, and all the health care workers, janitors, grocery clerks, garbage collectors, and others who put their lives on the line every day after being repeatedly failed by a government that should be protecting them.

There are a million articles out there with guidance from public health officials telling you what you need to do: STAY HOME, and when you must go out, stay at least 6 feet away from everyone else. I’m going to leave it there. The second-best thing we can all do right now (after staying home) is to take our cues from public health experts, not political leaders.

Anyway, I’ve found myself with some extra time these days, which I know is decidedly not the case for everyone (parents, essential workers, those who are sick or are caring for someone who’s sick…), so I thought I’d try to revive this blog. I’m obviously not traveling anytime soon, but I have a backlog of travel photos and, let’s be real, funny faux pas happen even when you’re living in your own country. Even when you’re living in your own apartment with only a husband and your plant babies, which are growing in Erlenmeyer flasks because said husband is a scientist and that’s what he had. So from me and my plant babies to you and yours: hi again. Let’s catch up, shall we?

4 thoughts on “Solidarité

  1. Thanks for surfacing, we’ve missed all the wonderful thoughts of Paris, that you so beautifully stated! I’ve missed Paris more of late then I thought I would, at one point I thought how wonderful it would be to be able to walk down St Germain with no people. Spend time in the Tuileries or feeling great sadness starring at the beautiful hulk of a cathedral in the the center of the world for so many. Until my friend Flo mentioned the 138€ fine if caught without a note stating where your going and what why! Tom and I are well, filled with sadness that so many across the globe are suffering so much. Living in isolated Vt has not kept us from seeing the impact of the virus and the stupidly of those that risk our lives by their wellness to lie.

    Take care miss you and Colin! Mary


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re well! I think the thing that’s made me miss Paris most over the last week or so is seeing videos of the 8:00 pm applause for emergency workers every night. France always felt like it had a strong sense of community, and the applause seems to embody that. Here, we can’t even agree whether we have a problem, never mind trying to come together as a community to show appreciation and solidarity.


  3. So right, the in ability to understand that this is serious and that it’s everyones responsibility to care for themselves as well as others is outrageous. Thank you Fox News. How can it be that our lives are run by hateful idiots that only see dollar signs as value. Hopeful a wake up call happens before it get really grimes.
    Take care to you both love Mary and Tom


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