Pandemic Picture Project, Week 1

Over the past year, I’ve barely touched my camera. Life got busy, and I was never as inspired by the suburban St. Louis landscape as I was by central Paris (dunno why, they’re pretty much the same). Photography was just one of those things that slid off my To Do list.

Cue Pandemic, enter stage right.

Now I have nowhere to go and nobody to see, and daily walks have taken on new importance since they’re the only way I get outside. I set myself a goal of taking my camera out once a week – my Pandemic Picture Project – just to document whatever else is out there. Normally I hate taking my camera out in public, but these days “the public” is a lot furrier, bushy-tailed, and, well, squirrelly—and a lot less interested in what I’m up to.

So last week, for the first time in months, I pulled out my camera. It’s definitely spring in St. Louis!

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Picture Project, Week 1

  1. So pretty! Once in a while it’s nice to slow down and really look around, isn’t it? Enjoy your walks. We enjoy sharing them with your pictures!


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