The apocalypse

One house in our neighborhood has started sharing sidewalk chalk surveys to poll the neighbors on their feelings regarding the pandemic. Passers-by can vote with a stone, a sweetgum ball, or a stick—whatever they can find nearby.

This survey – their first – was one of my favorites. “I thought the apocalypse would have more: zombies? or toilet paper?”

What do you think? I voted for zombies. Colin voted for toilet paper. We are a house divided. From my perspective, honestly, it’s just crazy to expect that economic supply chains would be maintained during apocalypse!!

Anyway, among all the stress of lockdown and an uncertain future, at least we can be thankful that we haven’t had to resort to the tried-and-true camping hack of using leaves for toilet paper. (Beware poison ivy!) And we can also be thankful that the zombies haven’t appeared.


[Cue ominous music: dun dun dun!]

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