Pandemic Picture Project, Installment 2

Is it just me or are the days and weeks blending together like a creamy French velouté? Not just me? Okay, bon, then let’s just acknowledge that I may have missed a week of my pandemic photo challenge sometime during April, so instead of titling this post “Pandemic Picture Project, Weeks 2 and 3 or maybe 4,” I’m just going with “Installment 2.”

I took the first two photos in early April before the local parks closed. Colin and I packed our hammocks, books, and lunches and spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine. I took the second two photos around the neighborhood after parks closed. We are both going a bit stir crazy having to spend so much time sitting inside, now that we don’t bike into work. Every now and then it occurs to me that I could get up and “commute” around the neighborhood before starting work, but the thought usually passes quickly and I roll over in bed to snooze for 30 more minutes.

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