Time is flying! Today is our last day in Greece, and it's the first day that the weather hasn't been essentially perfect. It's a little windy, a white-caps-on-the-sea kind of day. So, instead of going on a sailing trip as planned, we're sitting at Cafe Citron, reading and watching the sailboats rock in the waves. It's … Continue reading Wind

Reptilian Invasion

After three weeks of full-time lizard catching, I'm now seeing little lizards everywhere... including at the Louvre. I was extra pleased to see that this young herpetologist-in-training is female. 1822 must have been a good year for gender equality. Unfortunately the lizard she's holding is dead, but I like to think she's gazing at it … Continue reading Reptilian Invasion

House Tour

Bienvenue chez nous! When people hear that I've moved to France, their first question is usually whether I speak French (un peu). Their second question is where I'm living (le Marais). But once they hear that this dream life comes with an 18-square-meter apartment, their reaction usually shifts to laughter, horror, or both. Even the Europeans … Continue reading House Tour