Le Debut

Well, here we are, friends. After months of anticipation, our duffle bags are packed, our visas are stamped, and our French language podcasts are piling up like tourists waiting to see the Eiffel Tower. All that is to say, ready or not, we’re going to Paris! Allons y, I believe they say.

It’s a terrifying, amazing, unbelievable opportunity. As of 7:00 pm, when Colin and I hop onto the plane, we will be living in a new city, a new country, with a new language and exactly one friend (each other). It’s a good thing I sort of like him.

In any case, this is certainly the end of an era (six and a half years in Cambridge!), but it’s also the beginning of une grande aventure, which is sure to be filled with many croissants, lots of wine and cheese, and probably an overwhelming amount of incomprehensible (to me) French. Let’s see what happens.


One thought on “Le Debut

  1. Wahoo! Here you go. I will say the best year of my college education was the year I spent in Salzburg, Austria. After 3 months the colloquialisms will be rolling off your tongues, by 6 you will find you are no longer translating everything in your head. I already told Colin how I ended up with something like 2 pounds of sliced deli meat because I wasn’t versed in the metric system. I will also add the anecdote of trying to by a cape. It was too long and I kept trying to say I wasn’t tall enough – but was saying Ich bin nicht alt genug – which means I am not old enough – she finally recommended I go to a children’s store.
    pffft…I did end up purchasing a lovely cape anyway.

    Bonne chance mes amis! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures!!


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