There are a few things you absolutely have to eat in Paris—wine and cheese, obviously, but also escargots, crème brulée, and macarons. (And one thing to avoid: the dreaded andouillette.) Colin and I have definitely done our part to support the French economy with our consumption of the first two, but somehow we made it nearly … Continue reading Mmmacarons!


I went to the produce market today to buy salad ingredients for dinner. I looked around for a minute, then greeted one of the employees and asked for some mixed greens, a yellow onion, a bunch of local tomatoes, and a green pepper. He carefully measured out a couple handfuls of lettuce and bagged up … Continue reading Poivr(e/on)

The Parme-marathon: How to make parmesan baskets, sans magic

On Sunday, Colin and I hosted his boss Anthony and partner Anne-Claire for dinner, to return the favor after the eventful evening at their place a couple weeks ago. Now, cooking is pretty much my least favorite household chore; I would much rather clean bathrooms and vacuum every day of the week than spend more … Continue reading The Parme-marathon: How to make parmesan baskets, sans magic


After finishing dinner on Saturday night but before the great toilet debacle, Colin and Anthony were enjoying a digestif of rum. Anthony, as one would expect for someone who's lived in France for years, knows alcohol well and, after offering his quick assessment, asked Colin what he thought. "It tastes like sunshine!" Colin joked, not … Continue reading Raisins