There are a few things you absolutely have to eat in Paris—wine and cheese, obviously, but also escargots, crème brulée, and macarons. (And one thing to avoid: the dreaded andouillette.) Colin and I have definitely done our part to support the French economy with our consumption of the first two, but somehow we made it nearly six months without buying macarons.

I know—quelle horreur!

To be honest, the reason was that I wanted to save our euros for the good stuff: although you can buy macarons in just about any corner boulangerie, I wanted ours to come from Ladurée, and those name-brand cookies don’t come cheap. (Six for 17€.) That’s a little pricey, but Colin had never had a macaron before and I wasn’t about to risk a bad first impression.

So about a week ago we wandered over to our neighborhood Ladurée store (NOT the Champs-Élysées one; we’re not insane) and picked out six dainty little cookies. Then we walked to the river, comme d’habitude, and laid out our picnic of sweets.


The verdict: Colin loved them. I did, too.

We chose strawberry vanilla, chocolate, orange blossom, cherry, rose, and pistachio. I’d highly, HIGHLY recommend pistachio and cherry (a seasonal flavor); less so, orange blossom and rose—both were too perfumey for my taste.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to announce that now that Colin is officially a macaron fan, we are saving up for a trip to Ladurée’s rival macaron-maker, Pierre Hermé. My mouth can’t wait, but my wallet insists that it must. I’ll report back.

2 thoughts on “Mmmacarons!

  1. I’m sure they rank right up there with my key lime pie, especially the one that collapsed all over the oven, that time!!! Maybe in all your spare time, you can start practicing making them, so you can make them next year when you’re back home with us – and have an oven to bake them in!!

    Enjoy enough for us, too.


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