Wait wait… there’s more!

HOLD UP. YOU GUYS. I thought Friday’s post would be it for Colin’s 15 minutes of fame, but then this happened:


Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! joked about his research, and Tom Bodett could barely breathe he was laughing so hard, and Faith Salie compared Colin’s flying lizards to Tom Cruise hanging off the side of an airplane, and I was crying laughing as I replayed the clip again and again.

I’m still laughing now.

I am such a huge Wait Wait fan that I saved up episodes while training for a half marathon last fall so that I could laugh for 13.1 miles straight. I never imagined I would know someone mentioned on the show! And Colin, when he heard the episode, he pretty much died. Then when Faith Salie tweeted back at him, Colin looked at me and said, “I should just retire now. It’s never getting any better than this.”

Faith Salie twitter response

You can find out more about the very serious business of Colin’s work here.

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