Back in Belgium

Well, that whole regular-routine thing didn’t last long! Colin and I are traveling again, but this time we’re only gone for a long weekend. He’s giving a talk at the University of Antwerp, so we decided to stay in Belgium for the weekend to see our friends here. 

Coming back to Belgium reminded me that I never actually wrote about our last trip, other than to share the World Cup fervor of the moment. On that trip, we spent one night in the charming town of Bruges, which I highly recommend to anyone, then one night in Ghent on our way to Antwerp. (This time we’re just in Antwerp.)

We both loved Bruges for its quaint, small-town feel, brew pubs along the canals, and shady paths perfect for running along the river. It looks a bit like a fairy-tale town, but things like the running paths and parks prove that real people live there. If you’re in Belgium (or considering going to Belgium, which you should), go to Bruges! It’s only an hour on the train from Brussels, but I recommend staying overnight since tour buses come through during the day and clear out in the evenings. As charming as Bruges is, though, it’s small; you only need one or two days to see it all. 

Looking towards Paris from the belfry in Bruges.

Antwerp, on the other hand, is a real city and not much of a tourist destination. I had plenty of time to explore while Colin was working at the university, so most of my photos are from Antwerp. One of my favorite things about Belgium is the combination of bikes (like in Amsterdam, but less so), beer (better than in Amsterdam), waffles (sweet or savory), and chocolate. I am so excited to be back!

More bikes.
View from the MAS museum observation deck in Antwerp.

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