Two months, four countries

Forgive me if I don’t quite know where I am these days! It’s been two months since Colin and I took off for London, and since then we’ve spent several weeks in Paris, a couple weeks in Antigua, and a week back in the U.S. I just got home yesterday after a 24-hour journey punctuated by more than three hours of flight delays (thanks to the Nor’easters along the U.S. coast) and a change to the usual airport train schedule that left me one stop away from where I needed to be. Whoever said life is about the journey, not the destination, probably wasn’t talking about travel. If you ask me, one of the greatest joys of travel is coming home. Especially if your husband is waiting for you there. And even more so if you’re lucky enough to make your home in the marvelous City of Light.

Anyway, things are looking great now. I slept for 15 hours last night, it’s not snowing in Paris anymore, and Colin and I have fresh baguette and cheese in the kitchen and daffodils on the table. So now, with a couple hectic months behind us, it’s time to settle into our new routines and get serious about this Life in Paris business. I have a 53-item To Do for Fun list, and it’s not going to do itself, is it?

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