Life lately

It’s been a while since I scrolled through the photos on my phone, so it’s time for another photo dump. Some of these are from a while ago! (Most are from Instagram.) Here’s what we’ve been up to since, um, April:


We watched the Paris marathon from a cafe along the Seine. Allez allez! *sips tea*


I may have just discovered why French women don’t get fat: bike-powered phone charging stations!


Misty morning on the Aegean.


For our three-year engagementiversary, we celebrated the same way we did then: with drinks and a sea view.


Discovered a secret garden while wandering through Paris!


Paris by night


Already missing octopus for dinner in Greece.


Lessons from the ludothèque mobile: French children like challenging games. Colin gave it his best shot, but let’s just say we’re not Parisian yet.

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