Every now and then, some poor lost soul mistakes me for a French person and asks for directions. I take it as the ultimate compliment that they think I look like a person who lives in Paris; the only problem is that they also think I look like a person who understands French. Usually I … Continue reading Directions


I went to the produce market today to buy salad ingredients for dinner. I looked around for a minute, then greeted one of the employees and asked for some mixed greens, a yellow onion, a bunch of local tomatoes, and a green pepper. He carefully measured out a couple handfuls of lettuce and bagged up … Continue reading Poivr(e/on)

Say what?

After being away from France for so long, my brain is having a hard time getting used to hearing and speaking French again. On my best days, my proficiency level could probably be described as "older toddler," and these certainly aren't my best days. (My twin niece and nephew are two, and I often think … Continue reading Say what?