Here and back again

I’ve now been in Greece for three weeks, although – and I mean this in the absolute best way possible – it feels like twice that. It’s hard to imagine not being in Greece anymore, although I’m going to have to get over that because I hop on a plane back to Paris tomorrow: my mom is coming to visit, and I should probably be home to welcome her. We’ll be back in a couple weeks, though, since Naxos made it onto her European itinerary.

Part of the charm of Naxos is how small and quiet it is, so I’m tempted to yell from the whitewashed rooftops, THIS ISLAND IS AWFUL. DON’T COME HERE.

I mean, just look at it. Terrible, right?







Yeah, we’ve been having a terrible time. It’s really too bad that Colin has to work here, but I guess someone has to do his job. And someone has to be his field assistant. And I’m willing to work for beer and gyros, so I guess that’s that.

But for now, à bientôt, Naxos. From one country with delicious cheese to another, here I go!

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