Le printemps

Spring has definitely sprung in Paris, although lately it’s been more of the April showers than flowers variety. Still, I’ve taken advantage of breaks in the rain to seek out spring colors wherever I can find them, which is a little like an Easter egg hunt in this city of très chic black and gray. Even the umbrellas here are dark shades of neutral.

But, stylish black umbrellas aside, I’m loving spring in Paris. The sun doesn’t set until 8:30, which is unreal to this former Bostonian, and the formal French gardens runneth over with perfectly placed bursts of color. The Seine is just about back to pre-flood stages, and it’s finally warm enough to run along the quays. The tourists are starting to come out en masse, but so are the locals. And for this girl who doesn’t like red wine—it’s almost white and rosé season! Cheers to that!

Some of my favorite spring finds are pictured below: Rue Crémieux, which is decidely un-Parisian in its blatant embrace of color; the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is a haven of green in the middle of the city; and the Coulée Verte, or Paris’s take on the elevated rail-to-trail park. The trail is about 5k long and ends at the large Bois de Vincennes park, so one of the items on my To Do list (if it ever stops raining!) is to run the entire trail and hang out in the park before running home again. But gauging from the rain drumming on the windows as I write this and the depressingly wet forecast for the next, well, forever, that’ll probably have to wait for May flowers next month.

One thought on “Le printemps

  1. Funny, I am reading your post on the heels of the weather forecast – more snow for the east coast – as I have my AC running to forestall the heating up of the apt in our 80+ degree temperatures…less than sunny weather becomes unimaginable after a year in Arizona… Thanks for sharing. Laura


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